v2.9.2 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This is a maintenance release to fix a couple of issues that came up in v2.9.0 — specifically, backwards compatibility to iOS 3.x and a data conversion issue effecting some RedEye customers.

  1. Dynamic text labels. Create floating text labels and place them anywhere in your activity layout. Select font size, width, justification, and coloring. You can even update text dynamically using state variables (for example, to display current track name or other information), and turn labels into hyperlink-style buttons.
  2. Slider controls. Adjust volume, light dimming, and more using slider controls. Designed to work with devices the provide feedback such as RS-232 receivers and lighting systems, slider controls provide visual feedback as to current level and a simple way to adjust quickly across a wide range of values.
  3. Embedded HTML content. Now you can embed HTML content into your activities, which is useful for advanced text styling, and even pulling in external web content using <iframe> tags. Create special hyperlinks within your HTML to invoke RedEye actions and scripts. Use hyperlinks to send HTTP GET commands for integration with other automation systems.
  4. IP camera integration. Embed Motion-JPEG IP camera feeds directly into your layouts so that you can see what is going on before you take action. Full support for HTTPS and password protected feeds, tested with as many as 8 simultaneous streams. Tap on a live feed to pause; tap again to play.
  5. URL launching scheme (iOS app). iOS applications can now launch RedEye using the redeye:// URL scheme.
  6. Basic support for iOS 5 (iOS app). We have re-written significant portions of the application in preparation for iOS 5. This release offers full iOS 5 compatibility, with new features related to the OS update coming soon.
  7. Support for channels that include letters in the program guide (Android app).
  8. Option to bypass lock screen (Android app). Normally when the screen goes to sleep, unlocking requires entering a passcode. We have a new preference that allows bypassing the lock screen so you can open the app quickly.
  9. Improved application launch time (Android app).
  10. Restored support for iOS 3.x (iOS app).
  11. Corrected sort order for activity launch and shutdown actions, as well as RedEye Pro rooms.
  12. Restored hidden devices for some RedEye units. A data conversion in the last update had made these temporarily invisible (and also prevented adding new devices).
  13. Corrected transparency for layout buttons (Android app). Transparency changes to one button were incorrectly affecting all buttons.
  14. Fixed channel guide offset in some timezones (Android app). We correct for a glitch related to daylight savings time in the Android time class.
  15. Proper scaling of custom images (Android app). In keeping with the iOS and browser applications, we now scale images to fit while retaining their original aspect ratio.
  16. IP-RedEye units no longer appear as duplicates (Android app).
  17. Fixed missing channels in program guide (Android app).
  18. Channel guide data now automatically refreshes after some time has passed (Android app).
  19. Dynamic updating of Setup page when new hardware detected (Android app).

Release date: 24 October 2011