v2.8.1 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This is a maintenance update to resolve a couple of issues in the iOS app from v2.8.0.

  1. App once again backwards compatible with iOS 3.x. When we added the option to mute or pause an activity on the arrival of a phone call, we accidentally broke compatibility with devices running iOS 3.x.
  2. German channel guide returns proper channel list.
  3. Adding a manufacturer with a Cyrillic name no longer causesĀ  an app crash.
  4. Customized channel lineups now appear immediately after customizing.
  5. Codeset rows now tappable when model number filtering is present.
  6. Edit button placement on Button Details screen moved to standard location. Normally we display the Edit button in the lower-left corner of the screen; on the Button Details screen, it was in the upper-left corner, covering up the Cancel button.

App Store approval: 16 September 2011