v2.8.0 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This update brings improvements to the process for finding and downloading device codes, including the new ability to download codes for equipment controlled via RS-232.

  1. Option to automatically mute or pause the current activity when a phone call comes in (iOS app). The application will search for an appropriate command to pause playback; if none found, it will mute the volume instead. You can disable this feature through the preferences section on the Main Setup page.
  2. Favorite channel lists now retained through changes to television providers.
  3. RS-232 device codes now available for download (RedEye Pro). Using the same download process as infrared codes, you can now download RS-232 devices, including port configuration and feedback processing scripts.
  4. Device codes now display usage and download counts. Most-used codesets are sorted to the top of the list.
  5. Improved model name searching for device codes.
  6. Choose among one of four built-in button themes (Android app). Button styles are flat, framed, gel, and plastic. Button style is local to each Android controller, so everyone in your house can choose her own favorite.
  7. Choose among twelve button colors (Android app). Colors are white, black, gold, coral, rose, violet, moss, teal, coffee, sand, lavender, and stone. Default button color is local to each Android controller; in a future release we will allow for button layouts to override the default so you can group functions by color.
  8. Channel guide now includes more rich media (Android app). Movie posters and action photos are now available through the program details page.
  9. Command repeat count now adjustable per device (RedEye and RedEye Pro). This capability was previously limited to RedEye mini only.
  10. Contact sensor voltage gain now adjustable (RedEye Pro). Allows for compatibility with more sensor devices.
  11. Improved infrared port isolation (RedEye Pro). As the result of tight tolerances, a bent enclosure could short out connections across infrared ports causing signals to “bleed” into neighboring ports.
  12. Improved performance when editing devices (browser app).
  13. Images may not display after software update (iOS app). After downloading a new app version from iTunes, cached images would sometimes appear blank. When they do, we now clear the cache and download them again.
  14. “Custom Provider” button in channel guide not tappable for countries with both defined lineups and custom providers (iOS app).
  15. Image controls with repeating actions now repeat properly (iOS app).
  16. Some channels missing from certain television providers. This would happen when a provider listed the same channel twice using different numbers.
  17. Image controls cannot be placed offscreen (iOS app). Any controls already offscreen are now forced onscreen, as well.
  18. Motion gestures not deregistering properly on iPad when switching to a room with no activity running (iOS app).
  19. App would sometimes force close when screen went to sleep (Android app).
  20. Channel guide schedule and icons not downloading on Android OS 2.2 and earlier.
  21. Problem formatting delay text in Portuguese localization (Android app). An errant space in the Portuguese translation was causing the app to crash when formatting delay strings for the guide activity preference.
  22. Improved memory management for bitmap images (Android app).
  23. Background images cut off in some cases (Android app).

App Store approval: 7 September 2011