v2.7.0 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

With this release, our browser application (RedEye and RedEye Pro) now has the full configuration capabilities of the iOS app. In addition, we have refreshed the graphics for the iOS app, allowing for more customization. Finally, we have added channel guide support for countries which allow customizable lineups (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Germany), as well as new language localizations.

  1. Choose among one of four built-in button themes. Button styles are flat, framed, gel, and plastic. Button style is local to each iOS controller, so everyone in your house can choose her own favorite.
  2. Choose among twelve button colors. Colors are white, black, gold, coral, rose, violet, moss, teal, coffee, sand, lavender, and stone. Default button color is local to each iOS controller; in a future release we will allow for button layouts to override the default so you can group functions by color.
  3. Personalize application wallpaper. Choose your own wallpaper from an array of seamlessly-tiling built-in styles (plain black, alligator skin, asphalt, bamboo, brick, canvas, carbon fiber, carpet, concrete, denim, granite, leather, linen, paper, sand, stone, stucco, wicker, or wood), or select a photo from your library to use as your background image.
  4. Create and edit devices using the browser application.
  5. Capture and edit infrared codes using the browser application.
  6. Download device codes from our database using the browser application.
  7. Add and edit rooms using the browser application (RedEye Pro).
  8. Change port settings using the browser application (RedEye Pro).
  9. Ability to customize channel lineups within channel guide for select European countries.
  10. Support for French, Portuguese, and Hebrew languages.
  11. Browser app now provides ability to edit z-index of an entire group of images at once.
  12. Adding a new relay command uses appropriate template. Rather than displaying a serial command template, adding a relay command using the iOS app now uses the correct relay command template.
  13. Better handling of missing/damaged media images in channel guide. Within the iOS application, some movies and other shows include pictures of the actors, directors, and filming. If one of these images is missing or damaged the application will no longer crash.
  14. Can use number keypad to edit numeric values on activity layout page.

App Store approval: 17 August 2011