v2.6.1 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This is a minor release which polishes off some of the new custom image functionality from v2.6.0 and allows more configuration using the browser application.

  1. Option to mark an image control as background. Prior to this release, images could be used as backgrounds for activities. However, RedEye was including the background image height in its calculations for the layout, and therefore in some situations allowing for scrolling even when there was no need to scroll to access other controls. Now if you mark an image as background, RedEye will exclude it from the calculation for the total height of the activity layout.
  2. Option to hide the default power off button on an activity. To further facilitate the creation of special “launchpad” activities, there is now an option to hide the default “all off” button on an individual activity.
  3. Ability to perform group editing on controls of different types using browser application. Now buttons and images can be moved, sized, and otherwise changed together as part of a group.
  4. Browser application page load times improved.
  5. Scripts for relay commands now editable using browser application.
  6. Scripting.SendMessage function only displayed when applicable. In the browser application’s script editor window, this special function is only displayed when it is available to be used appropriately (i.e., in command scripts). In other situations, please use the related function, Scripting.SendMessageToPort.
  7. Option to turn off input echoing with RS-232. Input echoing is generally useful only with an interactive terminal, and with some RS-232 implementations can cause problems. Although previously available as an advanced option, we now expose the echo option as one of the main RS-232 port settings options, with the default being to disable the echo.
  8. RedEye Pro not automatically falling back from 100 Mbps, full duplex. When running on slower networks, RedEye Pro was not automatically falling back to slower communication modes, with the result being an inability to join the network using the wired LAN connection.
  9. Increased maximum infrared gain on RedEye Pro. The maximum infrared gain level had been set lower than its actual maximum capability. The new maximum output gain is more than twice as strong as before.
  10. Sensor line power level should not be affected by infrared gain value. On RedEye Pro’s dual-purpose IR-out/sensor-in ports, the sensor line power level was incorrectly using the infrared out gain value. Now when switching modes the gain level is ignored for sensor mode.
  11. Extra activity page displayed when using RedEye mini. In some cases when using RedEye mini, an extra activity page appeared in the application. The buttons on this page would not work properly and attempting to shut down the phantom activity would cause the application to crash.
  12. Attempting to move a button above an image control moves the image control, as well. In the iOS app, this made it particularly difficult to handle background image controls.
  13. Images larger than a full screen in height jump down the page when dragged in the iOS app.
  14. Launch and shutdown actions out of sequence if more than 9 actions in list. These lists were incorrectly sorted by the string values of the action sequences (e.g., 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, etc) rather than their numeric values.
  15. Timeout errors when on network not connected to the Internet. The RedEye application would sometimes display network timeout errors when running on WiFi networks with not Internet connection as it tried to access channel guide data.
  16. Activity reordering does not save. Activities should display in the order specified in the setup portion of the application, but they were sorted alphabetically, instead.
  17. Switch to disable motion gestures not working on iPad. As a result, inadvertent movement of the iPad could trigger unwanted button presses.
  18. Powering off an activity using the iPad causes the app to exit. Related to the motion gesture issue, after an activity shut down the iPad app would often crash.
  19. Device Setup screen not displaying proper information when port mode changed. After changing the port mode on a RedEye Pro device, the Device Setup page was sometimes missing or displaying extra information until the page was dismissed and reopened again.
  20. Toggle button labels not updating properly in browser application.
  21. Button labels hidden behind background images in browser application.
  22. 0-millisecond delays cause errors in browser application.
  23. Command description changes do not display immediately on Command Setup screen. Changes were saved properly, but would not appear until the screen was refreshed.
  24. Activity name changes do not display immediately on Activity Setup screen. As with command description changes, these were saved but would not appear until the screen was refreshed.
  25. In the iOS app, toggle button labels not updating properly when there is a mix of “text only” and icons across the toggle values.
  26. Recent changes made buttons too sensitive to being activated when scrolling. In the past, it was easy to scroll an activity layout without accidentally firing a button. With some changes made for the addition of image controls, it became too easy to accidentally fire a button when the intention was to scroll the display.
  27. When deleting a command that was used in an action list (e.g., launch or shutdown actions for an activity, or an action list for a macro button), two delays might appear next to each other.
  28. When switching activities, identical launch and shutdown actions null each other out. The proper behavior is to suppress the shutdown action, but in this case, both were suppressed.
  29. Image control scaling now consistent between iOS and browser applications. When the display height-width ratio of an image control does not match the height-width ratio of the underlying image, we scale the image to fit within the size given while honoring the original height-width ratio.
  30. The browser application’s display message during a factory reset was for a different function.

App Store approval: 5 July 2011