v2.6.0 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This release introduces the first of a number of new interface controls that work with the scripting engine in RedEye and RedEye Pro. Image controls allow for completely custom buttons and backgrounds. Tied to state variables, you can update images at run-time, which makes it possible to display cover art and create other dynamic controls.

  1. Custom image controls — backgrounds and buttons. On RedEye or RedEye Pro you can create controls using custom images. Images can be for display only (as in custom backgrounds), or they can function as custom buttons — even as repeating buttons.
  2. Browser application now supports editing of activities.
  3. Browser application now supports editing of custom variables.
  4. Browser application now automatically selects last chosen room (on RedEye Pro).
  5. Serial port settings were not applying correctly in many cases (RedEye Pro).
  6. Garbage data could block inbound messages on serial port at startup (RedEye Pro).
  7. Inbound serial messages not always routed to proper script (RedEye Pro).
  8. WiFi network details not always displaying proper information. Router address, subnet mask were sometimes blank or incorrect.
  9. Copy Command URL button on Command Setup screen was not working.
  10. Action Setup screen was sometimes displaying blank device or command rows.
  11. Deleted devices not immediately removed from Room Setup screen (RedEye Pro).
  12. Browser application display quality now improved when running below 100% zoom.
  13. Browser application was not displaying activity descriptions.
  14. Browser application was retaining some old button labels after switching to a new activity.
  15. Browser application was pushing scripts back to clients. When uploading files (software updates, configuration backups, etc), some browsers were pushing back the upload scripts to the client.
  16. Browser application could not connect to hidden WiFi networks.
  17. Browser application was overwriting custom button names when button actions changed.
  18. Browser application was erroring when a macro button contained both a command action and a script action.
  19. Browser application could become stuck retrieving data on maintenance page when there was a problem with the RedEye configuration.
  20. The label for the status light checkbox was missing in the browser application.
  21. German localization was causing errors in browser application.
  22. Improved several interface rendering glitches in IE9.
  23. Sometimes activity buttons would become stuck in the highlighted state in the browser application.
  24. Reordering activities without clicking the “Done” button afterward would crash the application.
  25. RedEye mini factory reset now working.
  26. On RedEye mini, deleting a device could cause the application to crash. This would happen when the device was the only device in an activity.
  27. Activity button presses not working when using direct IP address connection. Although working fine when Bonjour was available, this was a problem particularly when using remote access.
  28. Guide activity wiped out in some circumstances. Specifically, when RedEye configuration was modified on a different iOS device, the guide activity was reset on other iOS devices which connected.
  29. On RedEye Pro, new command tests were always sent over IR port 1.
  30. In some situations, the current activity was not synching properly across iOS devices. This could happen when there were multiple controllers and multiple RedEye units on the same network, and only if both controllers were active at the same time.
  31. Last digit of static IP addresses was being truncated.

App Store approval: 17 May 2011