v2.13.0 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This release makes it easier to create and manage custom layouts for both activities and devices. Now when you add a device or edit its layout for the first time, we create a layout for you using the device commands and specific to the device type (e.g., TV, cable box, A/V receiver). And for those layouts that you have spent time customizing, we now provide the option to export, store, and then import onto other activities and devices.

  1. Device-specific layout templates. The application now contains a number of layout templates based on device type. When adding a device from the database, or editing the layout of an existing device for the first time, the application will use a template and the device commands to create a layout which you can then further customize. Device layouts are particularly useful for navigating device menus and controlling equipment not directly used in an activity.
  2. Layout import/export. The browser application now makes it possible to export the layout for any device or activity into an XML document. You can save the XML document for future use, or tweak it before importing it into another device or activity. All layout elements follow through – buttons, images, labels, sliders, HTML, IP cameras, text entry fields, shortcut gestures and keys. Commands are mapped loosely based on device type and command type. State variables are matched by name, and created if necessary.
  3. Added duplicate function to layout page to expedite creation of similar controls (browser app).
  4. Eliminated the control-type selection popup (browser app). Adding a control to an activity now takes one click.
  5. Customization of predefined channel guide lineups. You can customize the list of available channels and edit channel numbers manually, even if you have downloaded a predefined channel lineup.
  6. Digital sub-channels in custom channel lineups. Previously digital sub-channels were only available as part of a predefined channel lineup.
  7. Proper sorting of activities on a room.  Previously, if there were more than 10 activities on a room, the sort order was incorrect.
  8. Slider controls maintain proper decimal precision. In some cases, slider controls were rounding values.
  9. When launching an activity using the channel guide, channel transmission properly delayed until after activity launch is complete.
  10. HTML controls now scaling properly on iPad (iOS app).
  11. Restored ability to add a device when using a static IP address (browser app).
  12. Added missing 1200 bps option to serial port settings (browser app).
  13. Changing activity devices or device commands while editing a layout no longer causes an error (browser app).
  14. When deleting controls of multiple types at one time, camera and text field controls also deleted properly (browser app).
  15. Fixed sizing of command script dialog on Mac (browser app).
  16. Simplified autonaming rules for controls on layout setup page (browser app).
  17. Eliminated incorrect prompt regarding unsaved changes in Internet Explorer (browser app).
  18. Layout alignment lines no longer persist after a control is deleted (browser app).
  19. Improved sort order of codeset preview commands (browser app).
  20. Re-enabled button click sounds in newer versions of Firefox and Safari (browser app).
  21. Eliminated Javascript “page not found” error in newest version of Firefox (browser app).

Release date: 12 June 2012