v2.10.2 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

This minor update includes some bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated language translations. Happy holidays.

  1. Russian language support. Also updated Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese translations to be current with this release.
  2. When configuring advanced settings for RS-232 on RedEye Pro, application will warn of conflicts with system defaults. Specifically, we look for duplicate control characters such as end of line, break, suspend, etc.
  3. Toggle buttons without any toggle values now tolerated in activity and device layouts (iOS app). Previously, removing the toggle values from a button would cause the app to crash when the activity was launched.
  4. Proper placement of “Adjust Toggle Commands” button when toolbars are hidden (iOS app).
  5. Notification when WiFi network not found (Android app).
  6. Cached data updated when app moves into foreground (Android app).
  7. When activity launched from channel guide, we now display the “preparing activity” message (Android app).
  8. Display processing wheel when shutting down an activity (Android app).
  9. Refresh “Adjust Toggle Commands” list (Android app). Previously this would display commands that had recently been deleted.
  10. Display custom backgrounds on B&N Nook Tablet (Android app). Previously custom backgrounds would crash the app.
  11. Current activity now displays consistently on first application launch (Android app).
  12. IR command learning page now accessible in Portuguese (browser app). A missing space the Portuguese localization file was preventing this page from displaying.

Release date: 31 December 2011