v2.0.0 Release Notes

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You can now use RedEye from more devices. This release includes full-screen support for iPad, as well as a major upgrade to the web browser application (available with Wi-Fi RedEye units only).

What’s New in This Version

  1. Full-screen support for iPad. Take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen — display channel guide side-by-side with your activity buttons, or turn off the channel guide and run your activity alongside other navigational controls. Full support for both portrait and landscape orientations on iPad.
  2. Edit activity layouts from a PC. Wi-Fi RedEye customers can now use the PC browser application not only to control their RedEye systems, but also to edit activity layouts. Select and move multiple buttons at once, align edges automatically or distribute along an axis, and more.
  3. Assign PC keyboard shortcuts to any button. Choose from nearly 70 different keyboard shortcuts to use when controlling your (Wi-Fi) RedEye from a PC. Some shortcuts automatically assigned when you create a new activity as well. For example, use the arrow keypad to change volume and channels so you don’t have to click buttons onscreen using the mouse.
  4. Option to suppress leading zeroes when using the program guide to change channels.
  5. Extended PC backup time to handle larger configurations.
  6. Better handling of some characters when using browser application and Internet Explorer. In the past, ampersand (&) characters in device names could prevent IE from loading the browser application properly.
  7. Improved handling of repeating buttons for RedEye mini.
  8. Option to customize signal repeat count. By default we send all command signals 3 times. A handful of devices require a different repeat count. Currently customizable only on RedEye mini.
  9. Fixed issue when setting HTTP proxy.
  10. Entering a host name into the IP address field no longer causes application crashes.
  11. Some improvements to channel guide download process.

Submitted for App Store review: 28 November 2010

App Store approval: 1 December 2010