v1.4.0 Release Notes

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This version of the RedEye application has a little something for everyone — a free, interactive television program guide for customers in the US and Canada, channel logos and German language translation for our EU customers, and some enhancements for both RedEye mini and networked RedEye performance.

What’s New in This Version

  1. Interactive television program guide for US and Canada. Enter your postal code, select your television provider (cable, satellite, over-the-air), and RedEye will download a full, two-day program guide, including color network icons and show descriptions. Create a favorite channels list to avoid scrolling around all day. Assign a TV-watching activity, and RedEye will automatically change channels when you select a row in the guide.
  2. Improved RedEye mini performance. By calibrating RedEye mini’s internal clock on launch, firmware updates, IR code transmission, and IR learning all get an extra boost in performance and accuracy. Please note that while IR codes downloaded from our database will work better after this update, some IR codes learned prior to this update may need to be re-captured.
  3. Improved networking performance for (Wi-Fi) RedEye units — no more Bluetooth or Airplane Mode issues. Thanks to Quinn (“The Eskimo”) at Apple, we recently learned that Bonjour browsing can cause the iPhone to switch network interfaces, which was causing dropped connections and severe latency issues when using RedEye with Bluetooth enabled or on the built-in (ad hoc) RedEye network. By writing our own custom Bonjour browser, we were able to limit Bonjour queries to the Wi-Fi interface only, and thereby eliminate these networking issues. No more having to change settings to get the best performance from your RedEye system.
  4. Option to password-protect the Setup tab. By popular demand, our customers can now password-protect their configurations. Password protection is stored in the iOS device only, and not the RedEye unit itself, so you will need to assign a password to each iOS device you want to lock down.
  5. Channel logos for major European Union television networks. Although we do not yet have a data provider for n EU channel guide, this release includes more than 150 new EU channel logos — in full color and optimized for the retina display.
  6. German language support. Our German speaking customers can now enjoy the RedEye app in their native language.

Submitted for App Store review: 28 October 2010

App Store approval: 6 November 2010