v1.3.1 Release Notes

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This release addresses a couple of immediate issues for RedEye mini customers. Our next release (1.4.0) is coming soon with new functionality.

What’s New in This Version

  1. New devices, commands, and activities would not appear immediately in the application. After creating a new device, command, or activity in the setup portion of the application, those changes would not be reflected immediately on the main screens, but would appear after exiting and reopening. All changes now appear in real time.
  2. Some RedEye mini units stuck in firmware update loop. Some RedEye mini units were becoming stuck updating firmware repeatedly. This release tightens up the firmware updating process.
  3. Processing interruptions could corrupt RedEye mini firmware. In some cases processing interruptions were corrupting RedEye mini firmware, even rendering units non-functional. This change handles the restart after an interruption more gracefully in order to avoid transmission of stale data.
  4. RedEye mini learning improvements. We have made some further improvements to the learning process.
  5. RedEye mini would not reappear automatically after a factory reset. In the past, getting the RedEye mini to reappear required exiting and reopening the application. Now the RedEye mini unit reappears after a brief delay.

Submitted for App Store review: 12 October 2010

App Store approval: 19 October 2010