v1.3.0 Release Notes

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This version marks our first foray beyond the world of iOS devices, with support for laptop and desktop computers through our new browser application. This installment covers primarily the control side of the application, but we are working on the configuration side and hope to publish that piece within the next few weeks.

What’s New in This Version

  1. Browser application (RedEye Wi-Fi units only). We have replaced the current RedEye unit home page with a browser application so you can control your RedEye unit from any laptop or desktop PC. Simply navigate to the RedEye device (by IP address or http://redeye_[serialnumber].local/ where [serialnumber] is the number printed on the bottom of your unit), and you will find all of your activities, devices, and commands. Just like the iPhone application, the browser app synchronizes in real time. Compatible with IE8, Firefox 3, Safari 4/5, and Google Chrome browsers.
  2. Improved learning for RedEye mini. We have made some improvements to the RedEye mini’s learning feature to better capture codes from other devices.
  3. RedEye (Wi-Fi) no longer reboots when changing networks. By avoiding a reboot, we expedite the process of associating the RedEye to your home network.
  4. Volume alert for RedEye mini was appearing too often. RedEye mini requires the maximum headphone volume level. We display a volume level alert when the volume is not at 100%, but we had been displaying this alert too often.
  5. Pressing a repeating button with no action assigned for the RedEye mini could cause an application crash. When creating an activity if there is no appropriate command on any of the activity’s devices for a particular button, we display that button with a red rectangle. In the case of repeating buttons (e.g., volume up/down) when used with the RedEye mini, pressing one of these red rectangle buttons could cause the RedEye application to crash in some circumstances. The application no longer crashes, but we do recommend assigning an action to or deleting the red rectangle buttons in your activities.
  6. Keyboard not displaying properly. On the Button Details and Network Password screens, the keyboard was not displaying properly after tapping on certain parts of the table row. The keyboard now displays correctly wherever the row is tapped.
  7. Devices tab header not displaying room name correctly. When there are more than one RedEye (Wi-Fi) units on the network, the room name would not always display correctly on the Devices tab. We corrected this problem for the Activities and Commands tabs in the last release, but overlooked the issue on the Devices tab. With this release the Devices tab header displays properly, as well.
  8. Scrolling an activity screen could cause buttons to misfire. In v1.2.0 if you swiped the activity screen to scroll and hit a button or two along the way the buttons would send commands erroneously. Scrolling no longer invokes commands.
  9. Change to “Getting Started” video. To save space, we have removed the “Getting Started” video from the RedEye application and instead provide a link to the YouTube version for new customers.

Submitted for App Store review: 10 August 2010

App Store approval: 18 August 2010