v1.2.0 Release Notes

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This version introduces support for the upcoming RedEye mini hardware, as well as a number of usability improvements. In addition, we updated the app for iOS 3.x users, and even included a bit of iOS4 functionality — although there is much more we plan to do with the new operating system over the coming weeks.

Notably absent from this release is our new television program guide, which was not quite ready for this update, but will be very soon — please look for v1.3.0 with the program guide and other key new features within the month. Once the program guide is in, we will be finishing up the iPad version. Please keep your suggestions coming.

What’s New in This Version

  1. Support for RedEye mini hardware. RedEye mini will be here shortly, and this update is necessary for all RedEye mini owners.
  2. Basic multi-tasking support. iOS 3.x customers can still use this version of the app, but if you are on iOS 4, RedEye now multitasks, which means lightning quick access to your activity controls when switching between other applications.
  3. High-resolution buttons. Buttons and button icons now support the full resolution of iPhone4’s new retina display.
  4. Ability to specify a RedEye “room” by IP address. Until now we have relied exclusively on Bonjour for discovering RedEye devices on the network. Because of some router incompatibilities and trickier networking scenarios (e.g., VPN’s), you can now find RedEye units by IP address, as well. From the Main Setup page, tap on the “Find Rooms by IP Address” row and provide your serial number and IP address.
  5. Option to turn off blue status lights. On the Room Setup page, there is a new option called “Status Light.” If you turn off the status light, it will only blink when learning commands or updating firmware.
  6. Copy command URL button. In the last release we exposed RedEye’s command URLs on the Command Setup screen. However, the text on this screen was difficult to select and copy. Now that we are compiled against iOS 3, we are able to provide a button to copy the command URL to your clipboard.
  7. Screens with icons load more quickly. This includes the New Command, Command Setup, and especially Button Setup screens.
  8. More options to hide toolbars. In v1.1.2 we introduced the option to hide toolbars on the current activity screen. Previously you could hide toolbars either automatically, or after tapping once. Now you can disable toolbar hiding, or choose to hide only the bottom tab bar.
  9. Fixed problem with automatically hiding toolbars. When auto-hiding toolbars if you manually navigated away from the current activity page, the application toolbars would disappear completely. Now auto-hiding does not spill over into other parts of the application.
  10. Activity synchronization across multiple iPhone controllers is more consistent. Under certain circumstances with multiple iPhone controllers for a single RedEye room, an iPhone could overwrite the current activity with a prior activity. iPhones re-launching the application now properly honor the current activity selection.
  11. Title bars now display selected room name properly when multiple RedEye units present on the same network. In some circumstances having multiple RedEye units on the same network would cause title bars to display the wrong room name or to overlay two names in the same title bar. Title bars now display the appropriate information in all cases.
  12. Some sequences of launch and shutdown actions could result in an infinite loop. When switching between activities, RedEye determines which launch and shutdown actions apply – for example, RedEye will not turn off your TV if the next activity up uses your television. In certain more complicated scenarios, the sequence of launch and shutdown actions could result in an infinite loop, which would hang the application for some time before crashing. This problem is now resolved.
  13. Removing a device from an activity no longer causes the application to crash.
  14. Adding a device to an activity that contains launch or shutdown delays no longer causes the application to crash.
  15. Launch and shutdown delay changes store properly each time. In the past, some other value in the activity needed to change before these would stick.

Submitted for App Store review: 30 June 2010

App Store approval: 15 July 2010