v1.1.0 Release Notes

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This release brings two major features that should simplify and expedite the setup process: an online database of infrared codes, and button templates for various activity types. While we still have big plans for future software releases, this version marks a significant milestone in the development of the RedEye as a powerful universal remote.

What’s New in This Version

  1. Online database of infrared codes. Beginning with this release, RedEye customers can download infrared codes for a wide variety of devices, including TVs, cable and satellite set-top boxes, A/V receivers, and DVD players. Because these codes are stored online, to access them your RedEye must be on a home network with a live Internet connection. Initially the database has many devices from the most popular brands, but over the next several weeks we will continue to add new codes until we have a comprehensive database including even obscure products.
  2. Button templates for activities. Being able to create a custom button layout specific to each activity is one of the RedEye system’s great strengths. Until now, it has also been an involved and cumbersome process. Beginning with this release when you create a new activity we automatically populate many of the necessary launch and shutdown actions and create a default button layout which you can then customize easily.
  3. Improved handling of repeating commands. Some commands — such as those for volume — repeat when a button is held down. In the past, these would ramp only slowly, and sometimes the RedEye system’s networking would become bogged down. With this release networking is better, and codes downloaded from the database repeat just as they do on other remotes.
  4. Handling of international characters. Names and descriptions can now include international characters.
  5. New command types. With the implementation of the code database, we have added some new command types, including the dash/dot for HDTV subchannels, red, green, blue, and yellow buttons, radio tuning commands, and some additional DVR commands.
  6. Secure transmission and storage of network passwords. Network passwords sent to the RedEye during initial configuration are now transmitted and stored using industry-standard strong encryption (RSA 1024-bit).
  7. Ability to move or copy devices between different rooms. If you have more than one RedEye room on the same network, you can now move or copy a device (and all of its commands) from one room to another. This can be useful if you have duplicate equipment in multiple rooms (for example, set-top boxes from the same content provider), or if you are rearranging your equipment.
  8. Various stability and performance tweaks. We made some changes to basic networking to reduce overhead and improve stability.

Submitted for App Store review: 8 November 2009
App Store approval: 16 November 2009