v1.0.4 Release Notes

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Our beta program participants have been incredibly helpful in testing various Wi-Fi network configurations. With this release we have resolved our outstanding network compatibility issues.

What’s New in This Version

  1. Network SSIDs and network passwords accommodate all punctuation. Previously we were having difficulty joining networks that contained certain punctuation characters (spaces, slashes, dashes, etc). We had put in a temporary fix for passwords in an earlier release, but this release corrects the problem for SSIDs, as well.
  2. Can associate to Wi-Fi access points using 128-bit WEP keys. In earlier versions association to access points using 64-bit WEP keys was no problem, but the RedEye failed to associate properly when using a 128-bit WEP key. This release is now compatible with both key lengths.
  3. Can use WEP passphrases with Apple Airports. WEP passphrases are non-standard – that is, they vary by router manufacturer, with Linksys using one method for generating passphrases and Apple using another, etc. Currently the iPhone provides support for Apple passphrases, so we updated the RedEye to support these as well. Our goal is to make associating the RedEye to your home network work in the same way that you associate your iPhone to the network.
  4. RedEye properly de-registers when rebooting. In the past when the RedEye rebooted (for example, after installing a software update, after pressing the reset button, or after changing the network connection), the RedEye application would delete that RedEye from its list. If you were then to re-launch the RedEye application, you would see the RedEye device persist in the list, even though it might be in the process of rebooting or may have joined another network. Selecting that RedEye device from the Rooms list often led to a “Network Timeout” error. Now before rebooting the RedEye deregisters itself from the network first, so you will only see a RedEye device in the list if it is currently on the network.

Submitted for App Store review: 5 August 2009
App Store approval: 16 August 2009