v1.0.2 Release Notes

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In this version we are rolling out a new Wi-Fi driver. Previous to this version we were using the Wi-Fi chip vendor’s driver, which was rather unwieldy and had some issues with certain configurations. This new version is based on open source drivers and is not only more compact and faster, it should also improve compatibility with certain networks.

What’s New in This Version

  1. Less network latency. Network delays – particularly those on WPA2-encrypted Wi-Fi networks – are greatly reduced.
  2. Compatibility with Apple Airport using mixed WPA/WPA2 Protection mode. While the original driver was able to connect to WPA2-encrypted networks, there was an issue with connecting to networks using mixed protection mode. This issue is now resolved.
  3. RedEye device appears more consistently in Rooms list. In earlier versions, sometimes a RedEye device would not appear in the Rooms list after exiting and re-launching the iPhone application (power cycling the device would solve this problem, but was non-ideal). Now as long as the RedEye is powered on and functional, it should appear in the Rooms list each time.
  4. No more “phantom” devices or activities. Sometimes deleting a device or activity would result in “phantom” devices or activities – listings that showed the old data or blank rows where the data used to be. Often accessing these “phantoms” would cause application crashes and other unpredictable results.
  5. Current activity displays correctly after iPhone wakes from sleep. Previously when the iPhone screen auto-locked the RedEye application would lose track of the current activity. Selecting the activity from the list would also fail in this situation.
  6. The “Add an Activity” screen was scrolling out of view if the first thing you tapped was the Name or Description row. This turned out to be a more generic problem with the way we were making adjustments on the screen when the keyboard scrolled into view. The real kicker was that if you hit the “Cancel” button after this happened, the application would crash.
  7. “Work in Process” overlays did not cover the entire screen. As a result, it was possible to scroll past these and press buttons or take other actions at inopportune moments, which could cause data corruption, etc. These gray, semi-transparent overlays now cover the entire application screen as they should.
  8. Quitting the RedEye application could cause data corruption. Quitting the RedEye application (for example, by pressing the Home button) while certain events were underway (for example, while adding a device or changing an activity layout) could cause data corruption in some situations. Although doing so will still cause some data loss (for example, the device being added or the most recent activity layout change), it does not corrupt the underlying data.

Submitted for App Store review: 15 July 2009
App Store approval: 24 July 2009