v1.0.1 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

  1. Blue LED turns off after 1 minute of inactivity. One popular early request is that we provide a means to turn off the blue status LEDs. In this version, the blue LEDs turn off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity. In a future version, we will also provide a switch in the Room Setup screen to turn off the blue LEDs permanently.
  2. Toggle value checking. Each “toggle” command should have at least one (really, two or more) toggle values. For example, “Power” can toggle between “On” and “Off.” The application should have been checking to ensure the existence of toggle values before allowing a command to be created or saved, but this check was not in place. As a result, toggle commands without toggle values would cause the application to crash. In particular, when a room was selected, the application would crash, but it would also remember the selected room, so it would crash on each launch. This version prevents the crash on launch scenario, and also puts in place the toggle value check.
  3. Resolved issue with semi-colons in network passwords. Semi-colons in network passwords were preventing the RedEye device from properly associating to secured networks.
  4. Resolved issue hidden networks. “Hidden” networks – i.e., those that do not broadcast a network name (SSID) were appearing as blank rows after a network scan. Attempting to connect by selecting the blank row would be unsuccessful. Now we really do hide them when you scan.
  5. Factory restore now works better. Factory restore (wiping out all setup information and reverting to the out-of-box networking settings) was not doing anything before. Now it effectively clears out the setup information on the RedEye device, but in some cases it appears to leave cached data on the iPhone. While we work on cleaning up this remaining issue, the interim solution is to delete and re-install the iPhone application.

Submitted for App Store review: 6 June 2009
App Store approval: 4 July 2009