Android v0.3 Release Notes

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What’s New in This Version

  1. Support for custom image controls. In line with functionality introduced to iOS app v2.6.0, Android clients now support custom image controls. Also included in this update is hiding of the power off button and the support for custom images as backgrounds (both introduced in iOS v2.6.1).
  2. Cached images can be stored on SD card. With the introduction of custom image controls, we are caching images used in these controls. When the app is stored on SD card memory, the image cache will also be stored there to conserve space in main memory.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts work on Android devices with hard keyboards. Keyboard shortcuts are a feature we introduced for convenience when controlling RedEye from a PC, but they now work equally well on Android devices with hard keyboards, providing an option to have hard buttons in addition to touchscreen control.
  4. Chinese language support. Includes both Simplified and Traditional character sets.
  5. Removed limitation on number of RedEye rooms. Previously the Android application could only communicate with five RedEye rooms (zones) at one time; this limitation is no longer in place.
  6. Button click sound could cause app crash. We use the Android media player to produce the button click sound. In some cases the media player would not initialize successfully and attempts to play the click sound would cause the application to crash.
  7. App crash when WiFi disabled. If WiFi was disabled when the application launched it would crash immediately. WiFi is still required to use the app, but it no longer crashes if disabled.
  8. Repeating buttons sluggish/sticky. Repeating buttons now work more like the iOS app.

Original release date: 13 July 2011
Download this build: RedEye for Android beta 0.3