Open Source Software

We all benefit from Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). As developers in the Internet age, we have learned the art by reviewing FOSS code samples. But even if you have never written Line One of a computer program, a surprising number of the applications, devices, and services we use everyday are built on FOSS.

It is hard to quantify just how much FOSS impacts our lives, but at least we can help keep things going. And so we dedicate these pages and a portion of our time to sharing the solutions we have developed for common problems. Whenever possible (and unless otherwise noted), all of these projects are available through theĀ  flexible MIT License, so please use, tweak, and share to your heart’s content. Enjoy.

Color Picker for iOS

Motion-JPEG Image View for iOS

jQuery Plug-ins

  • jAutoFitText – auto-fit text via re-size and/or truncation similar to iOS applications
  • jDelayedAction – allows the creation of an event (or multiple event) handler with a delay that can be extended or canceled before reacting
  • jInMemoryImageLoader – allows the asynchronous, in-memory loading of an image file with a callback for when it has succeeded or failed to load
  • jListSelect – allows you to create a fully customizable select input
  • jNumericalInput – when applied to an input of type text, only allows the input to have a numeric value (positive or negative)
  • jVerticalAlignMiddle – vertically centers one element within its parent container