Opening the Box: RedEye Pro

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Assuming you already have a PC or iOS device, your RedEye Pro came with everything you need to get started with total home controls. Inside the box you will find:

  1. RedEye Pro Package ContentsRedEye Pro automation processor.
  2. Grounded power cable. Appearance will vary slightly depending on country.
  3. Quick Start Guide. Outlines the initial setup process for your RedEye Pro system and includes important safety and regulatory information, product warranty, and other details about your purchase. You can download a copy of the guide here.
  4. Rack mounting kit. You can use the included rack ears, screws and faceplate to mount RedEye Pro into a 1U slot on any standard A/V rack.

Step 1: Install Rack Mounting Kit (optional)

RedEye Pro Screw HolesIf you plan to install your RedEye Pro in a rack now is the best time to put on the rack mounting kit. First, affix the two rack mount ears using the four included screws and a driver with a Phillips head. Second, slide the faceplate on from the back of your RedEye Pro.

Step 2: Plug In

RedEye Pro contains an internal power supply rated for international use (100-240V @ 50-60Hz). The power jack is located at the back of the unit on the left-hand side. If you need to replace the power cable, please ensure that the replacement cable is 18AWG or better and has an IEC320-C5 connector and a proper grounding pin. Do not use a power cable with compromised insulation or a damaged or missing grounding pin.

If you will be using your RedEye with an iOS device, you should also take a moment to install the RedEye iOS app. You can download the app directly to your device through the built in App Store (just search for “RedEye”), or you can download it to your computer through iTunes and sync your device.

If you are using RedEye exclusively with PCs or Android devices, this is a good time to download the latest firmware update, which you can find on the ThinkFlood website, here:

You can download the Android application from the Android Marketplace.

The RedEye app and future software upgrades are free.

Step 3: Connect to Your RedEye Pro

RedEye Ad-hoc Network

RedEye Pro offers both Ethernet and WiFi networking, but in most cases only one network interface is active. If you plug in an Ethernet cable and connect your RedEye Pro to a local area network (LAN), then by default the WiFi radio will be turned off. If you boot RedEye Pro without connecting to a LAN, then the WiFi radio will be active. The exception is when you have attached your RedEye Pro to a LAN but are configuring WiFi access. In this case we enable the WiFi radio so that you can scan for other networks and verify the WiFi connection without losing the ability to connect over the LAN.

If you connect to a LAN, network configuration is fairly simple. In most cases you will have a DHCP server on the network, from which RedEye Pro will automatically receive an Internet Protocol (IP) address. If you do not have a router or other DHCP server on the network (such as when connecting directly to a PC), RedEye Pro will self assign an IP address of

RedEye Pro has an internal Ethernet switch. This means that you can plug another device into the second Ethernet port on the back of your RedEye Pro. Please do not connect both Ethernet ports on your RedEye Pro to the same network – if you do, you will not be able to connect to the network.

If you are using WiFi, by default RedEye Pro ships configured to create an “ad-hoc” wireless network which does not require a separate wireless access point. In this case in order to establish a network connection with your RedEye Pro, you will need to join this network (called “RedEye”). For more information about connecting via the ad-hoc network, please see the instructions under Step 3: Connect to Your RedEye for the WiFi model.

Step 4: Launch the RedEye App and Install Updates

RedEye software update

If you are on an iOS or Android device with the RedEye app installed, at this point all you need to do is open the app.

If you are on a PC, you can use RedEye’s built-in browser application for some of the basic setup functions. To launch the browser app, simply navigate your browser to the RedEye unit’s IP address or type http://redeye_[serialnumber].local/ into your browser’s address bar, where [serialnumber] is the serial number of your RedEye Pro (found on labels affixed both to the bottom of the package and the bottom of the RedEye Pro itself). For example, a valid URL might look like this:


Please note that while the above address format will work on all Mac computers and most Linux or Windows PCs, in the latter two cases you may need to use the IP address directly.

We update the RedEye app regularly, so there is a good chance that the software in your RedEye Pro needs to be upgraded, as well. This will happen automatically when your iOS device finds your RedEye Pro on the network for the first time or when you launch the browser app from a network with an active Internet connection.

After the software update process is complete, your RedEye Pro will reboot. If you wait a minute it should come back online and be available in whichever version of the RedEye app you are using. From there you are ready to go.

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