Opening the Box: RedEye mini

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The following instructions refer to the RedEye mini. Wi-Fi RedEye customers, please refer to Opening the Box: Wi-Fi RedEye.

Assuming you already have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, your RedEye mini came with everything you need to control your home theater or other equipment using traditional infrared control signals. Inside the box you will find:

  1. RedEye mini device.
  2. Keychain case. The RedEye mini will fit snugly inside this case, allowing you to take your mini wherever you go.
  3. Important Product Information Guide. This booklet includes important safety and regulatory information, product warranty, and other details about your purchase. You can download a copy of the guide here:
  4. Quick Start Guide. Outlines the initial setup process for your RedEye mini system. You can download a copy of the guide here:

Step 1: Install the App

To use the RedEye mini hardware, you will need to install the RedEye app on your iOS device. You can download it directly to your device through the built-in App Store (just search for “RedEye”), or you can download it to your computer through iTunes and sync your device. The RedEye app and future software upgrades are free.

Step 2: Adjust Volume Limit

The RedEye mini receives its power from the headphone jack. For the mini to function correctly, please ensure that your iOS device’s Volume Limit is set to OFF. To do this on your iOS device, navigate to Settings à iPod/Music à Volume Limit and drag the volume bar to the right (max). When you navigate back to the iPod/Music screen, the Volume Limit row should say “Off.”

Step 3: Plug in and Launch the App

Plug the RedEye mini into your headphone jack and launch the RedEye App. Please make sure that your headphone volume is turned all the way up so that RedEye mini has enough power.

Once you are in the application, it may take a few seconds to recognize your mini. If you are using an iPod touch, the screen will automatically reverse orientation so that you can properly use the application with the mini pointing away from you. You should also see a room called “RedEye mini.” Once the RedEye mini appears in your Rooms list, you are ready to begin configuration.

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