Editing HTML Details

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The HTML Setup screen allows you to customize the look and function of HTML controls in an activity layout.


In the Name section, you can change the name and description of the HTML control. The control name is displayed in the activity layout if the Show Label option is set to “On.”


In the Type section, you can specify whether the HTML control has any function when tapped. There are three types:

  • Display only HTML controls are there for appearance only – tapping on them does not generate any special RedEye action (tapping on hyperlinks will navigate as you would expect in any browser).
  • Action HTML controls provide special handling for hyperlinks that reference a URL beginning with redeye#. When you tap on such a hyperlink, these controls execute a command action of your choosing. (Hyperlinks not containing the “redeye#” prefix navigate as usual.)
  • Script HTML controls function in the same manner as Action HTML controls, except that the “redeye#” hyperlinks execute execute scripts rather than actions when tapped. More information on scripting and advanced configuration is available in the RedEye Advanced Programming Manual.


The Appearance section determines how the HTML control displays. Here you can input an exact Width and Height, in “relative pixels.” The relative pixel measurement assumes a display width of 320.0 pixels. For iPad, we scale up the size by 40%. On other screens (Android phones and tablets, PCs running the browser app) the exact scaling factor depends on the size and resolution of the display.

Toggling Show Label to “On” will display the HTML control name underneath the control in your activity layout.

HTML Values

The HTML Values section is the place where you select state variables that govern the display and link handling of your HTML control. The HTML Content variable identifies the HTML that RedEye renders inside the control itself. For more information on the scripting involved in updating state variables at runtime, please refer to the RedEye Advanced Programming Manual..

The Selected Value variable determines which state variable RedEye will update when you click on a hyperlink whose URL begins with the prefix redeye#. RedEye will set the value of this variable to be the text following the pound sign (#) in the URL. For example, if the hyperlink URL is “redeye#my_value” then the variable value will be set to “my_value”.


The name and format of the last section on the page changes depending on the HTML Type, but in all cases this is the place to assign the control’s functionality in the form of an action or script. Tap on an action row to change the action or edit the script. If you have a “Display only”-type control, then this section will not be visible.

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