Adding an Activity

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Adding an activityYou add activities to the RedEye system in much the same way that you add devices. In order to add an activity, you need to identify

  1. The activity type
  2. A name for the activity
  3. The devices you use in conjunction with the activity

Activity Type

Tap on the Activity Type row to select the type of activity that you would like to create. The RedEye app will use the activity type you specify here to create a button layout which you can customize later on. If you prefer to build your own button layout from scratch, you can choose the activity type Other, which gives you a blank slate.


Your activity should have a Name by which you can refer to it in other places within the RedEye app. Optionally you can also add a Description, which will appear in smaller type below the name.

Launch and shutdown actionsDevices

Each activity involves at least one device. Which devices you choose here depends on your particular home theater setup. For example, if you are creating a Watch TV activity and have only a television that receives over-the-air broadcasts, you would select only the TV. However, if you have a more complicated setup in which you receive programming through a cable or satellite set-top box, pipe sound through an audio system, and use a video switch to direct input to your TV from the set-top box, then you would select all four of these devices. In addition to providing button layouts optimized for each activity type, the real power of RedEye activities is that they simplify the operation of such complicated configurations.

Tap on a device row to select a device, at which point the text color change will to blue-gray and a checkmark will appear. To de-select the device, simply tap on the row again. Once you have chosen your activity type, name, and devices, tap on the Save button to continue.

Creating an actionActivity Actions

The RedEye app will examine your devices and suggest some Launch and Shutdown Actions. Launch actions are steps the RedEye system will take when you start the activity, and shutdown actions are those it will take when you close it. Typically launch actions involve turning on the power to your devices and switching to the appropriate inputs, while shutdown actions involve turning off the power.

Please note that the RedEye system is “smart” enough to know that if you are switching among different activities that use the same devices, it will not need to turn those devices off and then back on again, but rather will leave them in their powered-up state. For this reason there is no need to avoid Power Off in the shutdown action list.

To add an action to either the launch or shutdown action list, tap on the appropriate Add Action row.[1] The Action Setup screen will appear, where you can choose the device, command, and (as necessary) toggle value for the action. Tap Save to finish adding the action.

You can edit an existing action in a similar way — just tap on the action row and then adjust the device, command, or toggle value as appropriate.

Reordering launch actionsYou can also reorder and delete actions from the list. Tap on the Edit button. Drag the rows up or down to reorder. To delete, tap on the red circle, and then confirm by tapping on the Delete button. When you are finished making changes, tap on the Done button.

Once you have your launch and shutdown actions in place, tap on the Save button to finish creating your activity.

[1] If you have the Advanced Options preference turned on, you will also see an Add Script row. More information on scripting and advanced configuration is available in the RedEye Advanced Programming Manual.

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