Adding a Room

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Note: This section applies only to RedEye Pro. RedEye and RedEye mini devices already come pre-configured with a single room.

Add RoomWhen you add a new room, you need to provide the following information:

  1. The room name
  2. The ports that you are using to connect devices in the room

Name and Description

Throughout the application we use the name you provide here to identify the room you are creating. You can easily edit the name after you have added the room, as well.

Any description you provide will also be available below the name in select places within the application, notably on the main Rooms screen.


Tap to select (or to deselect) any ports to which you plan to connect devices for use in this room and its activities. Devices already added to these ports will automatically be available in this new room. In addition, if you move a device to a different port which is not part of this room, it will no longer be visible in this room unless you change the room definition to include that port. Finally, you can reuse ports as many times as you wish across rooms; this is particularly appropriate for systems like lighting or multi-room audio that are available everywhere.

You must select at least one port before you can add the room.

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