Activity Button Layout

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The Activity Button Layout screen is the place to arrange the buttons you use most often in the process of an activity. Layouts are specific to each activity, so you can include just the buttons you need in the ideal arrangement for that activity. If there are commands that you use only occasionally, you can access them from other parts of the application (i.e., the Devices and Commands screens), so you do not need to clutter your button layouts with obscure functions.

Adding a Button (or Other Control)

Add Control iOSTo Add a Button, tap on the Plus icon (Plus icon). If you are using a RedEye mini or have the “Advanced Options” preference turned off, the New Button screen will appear. The New Button screen closely resembles the Action Setup page: you tap on the top row to select a device, and on the bottom row to select a command. Once you have chosen a device and command, tap Save to create the button. You can tap Cancel at any time to exit without creating a button.

If you are using a RedEye or RedEye Pro and have the “Advanced Options” preference turned on, you have a choice of control types to add. For now, there are two types: buttons and images. If you choose to add a button, the New Button screen will appear, as described above. If you add an image, the Image Setup screen appears.

Activity Layout Move ButtonMoving a Button

To Move a Button, tap on the button to select it, and drag to the desired position. As you drag, the button will “snap” into alignment with other buttons and the edges or center of the screen. When the button snaps into alignment, it will display grid lines so that you can see the other objects with which it is aligned at that moment.

Your activity layouts are not limited to the space immediately visible on screen. If you drag a button below the bottom of the screen, the layout area will expand automatically — the farther you drag, the larger the layout area. You can scroll the layout area up and down by flicking.

Deleting a Button

To Delete a Button, first tap the button to select it. (Once selected, the button will appear with a thin, blue border; to deselect a button, tap on a blank area of the layout screen.) Then tap on the Trash Can icon (Trash can icon) to delete.

Undo and Redo

To Undo or Redo changes to the activity layout — including adding, moving, or editing buttons — tap on the Undo (Undo icon) and Redo (Redo icon) icons, as appropriate. The left arrow steps backward through your changes (Undo), and the right arrow steps forward (Redo).

Editing Button Details

To Change a Button, tap on the button to select it, and then tap on the Details icon (button-details-button). You can also double-tap on a button to bring up the Details page.

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