Room Setup

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Note: This section applies only to RedEye Pro.

Because RedEye Pro has so many connectivity options, it is possible to use it to control more than one location simultaneously. In RedEye parlance, we call these zones of control “rooms.”

Add Room BrowserEach room definition consists of two things:

  1. A room name
  2. A list of connected ports

We use the room name to identify the room within the application. The port list determines which devices are available within the room, because each device is attached to a port.

In order to add, edit, or delete rooms, you need to first select the RedEye Pro root room as described in Selecting a Room to Edit.

Adding a Room

Click on the Add New Room link to add a room to RedEye Pro. The Add New Room dialog box will appear. Enter a room name, select at least one of the ports from the list, and then click on the OK button.

At this point you will see your new room appear in the list of rooms on this page. You can make changes or continue adding rooms as needed. However, your new room and subsequent changes are not yet saved, so please make sure that you click on the Save Changes button before you navigate away from the page.

Editing a Room

When you click on the Rooms section within a RedEye Pro you will see a list of existing rooms. Click on any room in this list to expand and edit its details.

Room Setup Browser

Name and Description

You can change the name and description for your room simply by typing directly into the text boxes provided. As with all room changes on this page, you need to click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen when you are done. If you need to discard your modifications, you can click on the Cancel Changes button to reload the page with the data currently stored in your RedEye unit.

Changing Ports

To the right of the Name and Description fields there is a Ports box which lists the ports currently assigned to your room. Click on the Edit button to change this list. The resulting pop-up displays a list of available ports. Check or uncheck devices as you wish, and click OK to accept your changes.

When you remove a port from your room, any devices connected to that port will also be removed. If you accidentally remove a port, you can still use the Cancel Changes button at the bottom of the page to undo.

Devices and Activities

The detail section for each room displays a list of the current devices and activities for that room. On this page, these sections are informational only – if you need to edit room devices or activities, please select the room from the drop-down menu at the top of the page and then click on the Devices or Activities section within that room, as desired.

Reordering Rooms

You can reorder your rooms list. To the right of each room there is a handle icon (Handle Icon Activities). Click and drag this icon to move a room to a different place within the list. As with other changes, your new order is not stored until you click the Save Changes button.

Deleting Rooms

If you wish to delete a room, simply click on the red “X” button (Delete Icon) to the right of that one you wish to remove. Remember to click the Save Changes button when you are finished – or click Cancel Changes if you did not mean to delete the room.

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