LAN Networking

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Note: This section applies only to RedEye Pro.

From this page you can configure the Local Area Network (LAN) settings for your RedEye Pro.Lan Setup

LAN MAC Address

This section displays the second Medium Access Control (MAC) address for your RedEye unit. This value can be helpful if you are looking for your RedEye unit within the DHCP client list on your router. All RedEye MAC addresses begin with 00:23:87.

IP Address

In this section you can specify information about your RedEye unit’s IP address. Most networks will assign IP addresses automatically using a DHCP server. Therefore if you have the DHCP tab selected here, IP address information is there for information purposes only and you cannot make changes to it.

If you change the IP address information using BootP or Static, please make sure you click the Save button at the bottom-right corner of the screen to store your changes.

HTTP Proxy

If your network uses an HTTP Proxy, you can enter proxy information here. When you are finished, please make sure to click the Save button to store your changes.

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