Kiosk Mode

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Although originally designed as a consumer-facing application to supplement our mobile client apps, we are increasingly seeing RedEye’s browser interface used in commercial settings or loaded inside another interface such as a wall touch panel. In these situations, it can be useful to hide or disable certain parts of the interface, to run the browser application in a sort of “kiosk mode.”

Hiding Elements of the Browser Interface

Hiding parts of the browser control application is straightforward. By adding a “hide=” query string to the end of the RedEye URL, you can signal to the application which elements to remove. Available options are:

  1. Rooms- Hides the room name and (on RedEye Pro) drop-down room selector menu.
  2. Setup- Hides the “Setup” link, to prevent switching over to the setup portion of the browser application.
  3. Manual- Hides the “User Manual” link, to prevent opening another window displaying this manual.
  4. Support- Hides the “Technical Support” link, to prevent opening another window to the RedEye technical support website.
  5. Logo- Hides the RedEye logo.
  6. Masthead- Hides all of the above elements and collapses the space that they would normally occupy.
  7. Activities- Hides the Activities tab, to prevent the changing or shutting down of activities.
  8. Devices- Hides the Devices tab.
  9. Commands- Hides the Commands tab.

For example, to hide everything except the Activities tab, you would you use the following path:


To hide only the Setup, User Manual, and Technical support links, you would use the following:


RedEye Pro: Opening to a Specific Room

If you choose to hide the masthead or room selector, you will also be removing the ability to switch rooms on a RedEye Pro. In this case, opening the browser application to a particular room is an important capability. As with hiding parts of the interface, we accomplish this through a query string. For example


opens the RedEye to display the room with ID 126.


opens the RedEye to display the “root” RedEye Pro room (for whole-house activities and the complete list of devices and commands). Of course you can combine query strings:


will hide the masthead and display room 126.

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