Custom Variables

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You can add, edit, and delete custom variables within the browser application through the Custom Variables section. For more information on the use and function of custom variables, please refer to the RedEye Advanced Programming Manual.

Custom Variables Browser

Adding Variables

Click on the Add New Variable button to create a new variable. After typing a unique name into the Name field, you can enter a starting value. Variable values are always stored as text, and can be multi-line strings, if necessary. When you are finished editing the variable value, click on the Save button to store it.

After you have added a variable, the application will select it for you, so you can continue editing its value, if necessary. Once added, you cannot change the name of a variable.

Editing Variables

Click on any variable in the list to display and edit its current value. Remember to click the Save button when you are finished to store the new value.

Deleting Variables

Once you have selected a variable in the box, click on the Delete button to remove it permanently. Deletions are permanent, so be sure you want to delete the variable before you click the confirmation button.

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