Browser Settings

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When you click on the Setup link from the browser control page, the application will take you to the Settings tab on the setup side of the application. From here you can click on other tabs along the top of the page to access other parts of the setup application, or you can access the following directly within the Settings tab.


Button Feedback allows you to determine whether buttons clicked in the control portion of the browser application will play a sound.

Status Light allows you to determine whether RedEye’s blue status light is lit when in use or dark except at certain special times (specifically, when updating software or waiting to capture infrared codes). Uncheck the box to turn off the status light.

Password Protection will lock the configuration of your RedEye unit at a hardware level so that it is only accessible to someone who knows the password. When you turn on password protection, you will need to enter a password twice for verification. Subsequently, whenever you access the setup pages using the browser application or the Setup portion of the iOS app, you will need to enter a password. If you forget your password, you can reset it by performing a network reset (please note that doing so will also reset the network configuration for your RedEye unit).

Password protection is not designed to be bulletproof. The purpose of this feature is to dissuade those unfamiliar with the RedEye setup process from tampering with the configuration; someone with reasonably advanced knowledge of networking or RedEye can bypass password protection relatively easily. We send the password over the network and store it in the RedEye unit without encryption, so you should not choose a password that you use for sensitive systems like bank accounts.

When you are done making changes to preferences, please remember to click the Save button to store your changes.

Technical Support

This section provides links to ThinkFlood’s technical support website and email directly to ThinkFlood’s technical support team.

Software Version

This section displays the current software version of the browser application. Please note that this version number may not exactly match the iOS application version. In particular, if we have released a minor update to the iOS application which has not modified the RedEye firmware, this version will be slightly behind the iOS version.

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