Browser Maintenance

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From the Maintenance page you can access a variety of functions that are useful in fixing your RedEye should you have a problem, or upgrading your software.

Setup Maintenance


In the Basic maintenance section you will find functions that you can use on your own to keep your RedEye unit up to date.

If you click on the Backup Data link, RedEye will create a backup file of its configuration, including a snapshot of its internal database and all command files. Once the backup process is complete, please click on the “Backup File (.tgz)” link and save this file off to your computer for safekeeping. NOTE: it is important that you store a .tgz file, and not a .tar file. Some browsers will “unzip” the .tgz file into a .tar file automatically, and if you attempt to restore from a .tar file, you will actually erase your configuration. To prevent the browser from automatically unzipping the .tgz file, please right-click (on a Mac, control-click) the link and from the ensuing pop-up menu choose the option to save the file to your computer (opening the file unzips it).

Once you have a backup file that you wish to restore to your RedEye, please click on the Restore Data link. Find the .tgz file and click on the Upload to RedEye button. NOTE: If your backup file is any format other than .tgz, please contact ThinkFlood technical support first. If you attempt to restore the wrong file type, you will erase your configuration. In many cases, ThinkFlood support can help you create a .tgz file using whatever format you originally stored (e.g., .tar).

Beginning with v2.5.0 of the application, RedEye can automatically check to see if there is a software update available. When there is a new update, RedEye will bring you to this maintenance page and prompt you to download the update. If you do not wish for RedEye to automatically check for updates when you launch the browser application, please uncheck the box labeled “Check every time the application loads.”

Click on the Upgrade Software link to upgrade your RedEye firmware. This section will show you the current version of the software installed on your RedEye unit, and the latest version available, with links both to download the latest version and to view release notes.

Setup Upgrade

Old-style upgrade files are always a single file named tf_jffs2.tgz. New style updates may come in one or more pieces. In this case, the file you download will be a zip folder containing those pieces. Unzip the folder and follow the instructions inside as to the order in which the files should be installed and so forth.

To upload a single upgrade file, first select the file from your computer and then click on the Upload to RedEye button. When the upload is complete you can proceed to the next file. After the last upgrade file has been installed, your RedEye unit will reboot.


The Advanced section of the maintenance page contains functionality that may be useful if you are having trouble with your RedEye unit.

Download Database downloads a copy of your RedEye unit’s internal SQLite database.

Upload Patch allows you to upload special patch.tgz files which our technical support team may create for you to resolve a particular problem with your software or configuration.

Factory Reset erases all of the configuration data stored on your RedEye unit and resets it back to default networking.

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