Browser Control

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One of the goals of our networked RedEye systems is to give you control over your equipment through whatever piece of technology you have nearby, whether that be a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer. RedEye’s built-in browser application allows you to use a wide variety of computers as controllers. It even takes advantage of the unique capabilities of these machines; for example, you can use the keys on your keyboard to press buttons on your activities so that you do not always have to “mouse around.”


The Activities tab is selected by default. To launch an activity, simply click on its name in the list. The button layout for that activity will appear in the main window of the browser application. To shutdown an activity, click the red power toggle button next to the Activity name.

If after launching an activity one or more of your devices is not powered on properly or is on the wrong input, you can usually fix the issue by clicking on the Adjust link below the activity name. This area expands to show a short list of power and input toggle commands for which RedEye might be out of sync with your equipment. Click on any of these commands to sync up again.

You can change the split between the activities on the left and the activity buttons on the right by clicking and dragging on the dividing line between the two sections. Your activity buttons will scale appropriately as you drag.


Click on the Devices tab to bring up a list of devices for the room. Click on a device name to adjust the device (if it is out of sync with your RedEye) or send a command.


Click on the Commands tab to bring up a list of all commands in your system. The Device name appears in parentheses next to each command name. Click on a command to execute it.

Switching Rooms

Room Drop DownOn a RedEye Pro with one or more rooms configured, you can switch rooms in the browser application. To do so, click on the rooms drop-down menu at the top-left of the screen and pick your desired room.


Click on the Setup link at the top of the browser to configure your RedEye through the browser.

If your RedEye’s configuration is locked, when you tap on the Setup link the application will prompt you to enter your password in order to gain access to the configuration.

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