Activity Setup

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On the Activities page you can add, edit, and remove activities for the selected room.

Adding an Activity

Add Activity BrowserClick on the Add New Activity link to add an activity. The Add New Activity dialog box will appear.

First, choose your Activity Type from the list. If the type you are looking for does not appear here, please choose Other.

After specifying an activity Name and (optionally) Description, select the Devices using the checkboxes to the left of each device name. When you are finished, click the OK button.

At this point you will see your new activity appear in the list of activities on this page. You can make changes or continue adding activities as needed. However, your new activity and subsequent changes are not yet saved, so please make sure that you click on the Save Changes button before you navigate away from the page.

Editing an Activity

Your activities appear in an “accordion”-style list. Click on a row in the list to expand the activity details for editing.

Name and Description

You can change the name and description for your activity simply by typing directly in the text boxes provided. As with all activity changes on this page, you need to click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen when you are done. If you need to discard your modifications, you can click on the Cancel Changes button to reload the page with the data currently stored in your RedEye unit.

Show Power Button

RedEye activities show a default power button. If you wish to override the functionality of the default power button by providing your own (such as when using a launchpad activity), you can uncheck the box here.

Changing Devices

Edit Activity Devices BrowserTo the right of the Name and Description fields there is a Devices box which lists the devices currently used in your activity. Click on the Edit button to change this list. The resulting pop-up displays a list of available devices in your current RedEye room. Check or uncheck devices as you wish, and click OK to accept your changes.

When you remove a device from your activity, any actions related to that device – whether assigned to a particular control in the layout or to a launch or shutdown action – will also be removed. If you accidentally remove a device, you can still use the Cancel Changes button at the bottom of the page to undo.

Activity Type

Activity type is set when you create the activity and you cannot change it later. RedEye uses activity type to create the initial button layout, so there is not any need to change the type after the fact.

Launch and Shutdown Actions

Edit Activity Actions BrowserYou can add, delete, change, or reorder both launch and shutdown actions from this section.

Click on the Add New Action link to add an action to either the launch or shutdown list. When you add an action after an existing action, a delay field appears in between the two actions. You can edit the delay by typing into the text boxes; valid values range between 0.05 and 20.00 seconds.

For each action you can choose between Command or Script types. A Command action plays an existing device command. Script actions give you the chance to write freeform scripts. For more about scripting, please refer to the RedEye Advanced Programming Manual.

You can reorder actions by clicking and dragging the handle icon (Handle Icon Actions) on the right-hand side. To delete an action, click on the red “X” button (Delete Icon).

When creating your launch and shutdown action lists, you should consider all of the steps required at the beginning and the end of the activity. Do not worry about what happens when you switch from one activity to another – your RedEye is smart enough to determine how to make the transition without, for example, turning off the TV and turning it back on again when you switch from watching a Blu-Ray to watching live television.

Reordering Activities

You can reorder your activity list in the same manner that you reorder actions in a launch or shutdown sequence. To the right of each activity there is a handle icon (Handle Icon Activities). Click and drag this icon to move an activity to a different place within the list. As with other changes, your new order is not stored until you click the Save Changes button.

Deleting Activities

If you wish to delete an activity, simply click on the red “X” button (Delete Icon) to the right of that one you wish to remove. Remember to click the Save Changes button when you are finished – or click Cancel Changes if you did not mean to delete the activity.

Laying Out Activity Controls

You can edit your activity layout by clicking on the grid icon (Grid Icon), located on the right-hand side of the page, across from the activity name.

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