Accessing the Browser Application

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If you own a networked RedEye system, you can also control and configure your RedEye from any laptop or desktop PC with a standard web browser. Currently, RedEye supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Safari 4 or later
  • Firefox 3 or later
  • Chrome

The most recent browser versions – IE9, Safari 5, Firefox 4, and Chrome – all have optimized JavaScript engines and generally offer better performance when controlling your RedEye.

To launch your RedEye unit’s Browser Application, all you need to do is load RedEye’s home page. If you are using a Mac or Linux PC, or a Windows PC with iTunes installed, you should be able to use the following URL:


where [serialnumber] is the serial number printed on the bottom of the unit. For example, for a RedEye unit with the serial number Q3245-78857, the URL is:


If you are using a Windows PC but this URL does not work, you may need to enter the RedEye unit’s IP address directly. You can find your RedEye unit’s IP address from within the iOS application. Open the Setup tab and select your room. Then tap on the Network row. Find your network within the list, and tap the blue “detail disclosure” button to the right of the network name.

The first time you access the your RedEye unit’s homepage it may take a few seconds to load the necessary files. Once this is finished, you will see a RedEye logo and a progress bar, which indicates how much of your unit’s configuration has loaded. More complicated configurations may take several seconds to load. Once this step is complete you can begin controlling your system.

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