Room Guide Setup

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When you tap on a RedEye hardware unit within the list on the Setup screen, you can associate the channel guide with a specific activity. Once you have selected an activity, tapping on a row in the guide will change channels for you automatically. Typically, the appropriate guide activity is either “Watch TV” or “Watch DVR.”

Guide Activity

This will allow you to select an activity with which to associate your usage of the Guide. When launching a program from the Guide, the activity layout that you see will depend on which activity you select in this row. For example, it is likely that you would prefer to use your Watch TV activity layout when using the Guide to channel surf.

Guide Action Delay Period

When you select a row in the channel guide, RedEye will assemble the appropriate actions necessary to change the channel for you. The Guide Action Delay Period row allows you to specify how much delay to put between those actions. Normally the default delay is fine, but if you notice that your equipment does not change channels appropriately – for example, one or more digits in the channel number may be dropped – you can increase this delay slightly to give your equipment more time to respond.

Trailing Action

Tapping the Trailing Action row will bring up an Action Setup screen and allow you to select an action to send at the end of the channel numbers. For example, some televisions and set-top boxes require that you press “Enter” after you input a channel number to confirm your choice. If your equipment functions in this way, then you should add “Enter” as a trailing action and RedEye will automatically include it after sending the channel button actions. If you have an action configured that you wish to delete, simply tap the Trailing Action row and press the Clear Action button.

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