Find RedEye by IP Address

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Normally the Find RedEye by IP Address function is not necessary. The RedEye application should detect your RedEye hardware automatically within a few seconds. However, there are some situations in which this will not work. First, if you plan to access your RedEye unit remotely using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will need to enter the LAN IP address of your RedEye in order to see it while you are away from home. Second, if you experience longer delays — 20, 30 seconds or more — but eventually do see the room appear, or if the app finds your hardware easily sometimes, but not others, then there may be some incompatibility between Bonjour (the Apple technology we use for discovering the RedEye on your network) and your router. Upgrading your router firmware can help, but if that fails, we recommend using the Find RedEye by IP Address function.

To find your RedEye by IP address, it is important to make sure that IP address does not change. In other words, we need to establish a static IP address for it. In most home networks a router acts as a DHCP server and assigns IP addresses as needed, which means those IP addresses can change from time to time. While you can set your RedEye device to self-assign a static IP address, usually the best way to reserve a static IP address is through the DHCP server.

Each router and DHCP server will have a slightly different ways of assigning static IP addresses, but basically what you need is the MAC address for your RedEye — conveniently printed on the label on the unit’s underside. DHCP Reservation Setup Assistant(NOTE: all RedEye MAC addresses begin with 00:23:87, so you may be able to locate the MAC address through your DHCP server, as well.) The screenshot pictured here shows how to reserve a static IP address on an Apple Airport using the Airport Utility.

Next, open the RedEye app to the Setup screen and tap on the Find RedEye by IP Address row. A dialog box will appear in which you can enter your RedEye serial number and the IP Address you just reserved. Your serial number is printed on the bottom of the RedEye unit. After entering the serial number and IP Address, tap the Save button.

Deleting an IP Room

You can delete IP rooms that you no longer use. From the Setup screen in the RedEye app, tap on row which shows the serial number of the RedEye you want to delete. Tap on the Yes button when prompted to confirm.


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