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RedEye’s built in channel guide is available as a pull-up drawer whenever you are on an Activity screen. The guide drawer displays a list of channels and programming for your current television service provider. This feature is available in several countries, and we are working to add even more locations in the future. In addition to local listings, the guide can also change channels for you (you must first choose a Guide Activity before using this function.)


Tap the Settings button to configure the guide for your television service provider. First, tap the Country row to select your country.

Depending on your country, you may have a couple of options. Television providers in your area allow you to create custom channel lineups, tap on the Customize Lineup button. On the other hand, if television providers in your area use fixed channel lists, please enter your Postal Code and tap on the Search Providers button.

Selecting a Provider

Once you tap on the Search Providers button, the application will search for providers in your area and present you with a populated list. Select the appropriate provider, and the application will download the channel list for you.

Customizing a Channel Lineup

After you tap on the Customize Lineup button, the application will download a list of available television networks in your area. Tap on a network row to select it (a checkmark appears inside the row); tap again to deselect.Once you have selected all of the networks in your lineup, tap on the Save button.

On the Assign Channels page, you can enter the channel number that you use to watch each network in your list. Tap on a row to begin channel number entry. When you have finished entering a channel number for all of your networks, tap on the Save button.

Making Changes to Guide Settings

After your initial configuration of the channel guide, when you tap on the Settings button you will see your information about your existing configuration.

If your channel guide information seems out of date or you see the message “No Information Available” on most stations, you can tap the Cleanup Schedule button to refresh the information.

To see channel listings for another provider, tap the Change Providers button.

To customize your channel lineup (e.g., select other networks or change channel number assignments), tap on the Customize Lineup button.


The All button displays your complete channel listing. You can easily scroll between channels by flicking, or by sliding through the number index on the right side of the screen.

A header at the top of the screen indicates the day and time represented in the guide. Tap the left arrow to navigate to an earlier time slot, and the right arrow to navigate to a later time slot.

Tap on the information icon in any row to display detailed information about the program in that row, including a brief description, run time, and names of cast and crew members.

Tap on any row to launch your Guide Activity (if necessary) and tune to that channel.


The Favorites bar displays a list of your favorite channels. To add favorites to the list, tap Favorites tab, and then tap the Edit button on the bottom left side of the screen. From here, simply tap on a channel to add it to your favorites, and tap on it again to remove it. Tap the Done button when you are finished to save your changes.

Favorites lists are unique to each Android device and are not stored in the Wi-Fi RedEye’s configuration.

Program Details

While tapping on a row will launch your guide activity and change channels for you, tapping on the white information icon will bring you to the program details page. On the details page you will find a short description of the program, including running time and episode name, as well as a list of cast and crew members.

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