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The Activities screen displays the current activity for the selected room. If there is no current activity, it displays a list of available activities. 

Launching an Activity

To launch an activity, simply tap on the appropriate row. The activity screen will appear configured with the buttons specified in the activity button layout.

Changing Activities

To switch to a different activity, tap on the back button to return to the Activities list. Then tap on the new activity row. RedEye will compare the shutdown and launch actions of the two activities to determine what commands to send to your equipment. For example, if you switch from Watch TV to Watch DVD, RedEye will figure out that you do not need to turn the TV off and then on again as part of the transition.

To return to the current activity screen without switching activities, tap on the Current Activity button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Shutting Down an Activity

To turn off an activity, tap on the power button () in the upper-right corner of the current activity screen.

Adjust Toggle Commands

If your RedEye unit contains any commands that toggle across multiple values (for example, Power On/Off or an input select command), then you may see a button labeled Adjust Toggle Commands at the top of your activities list and the top of your currently running activity. The purpose of this button is to allow you to adjust these toggle commands if your RedEye gets “out of sync” with your equipment. For example, if you turn off an activity but the TV remains on, you can tap on the “Power (TV)” adjust button to turn the TV off.Then the next time you launch an activity it should turn on correctly.

If you prefer to hide this button while on the Activities tab, you can turn off the Adjust Button option on the Setup page. If you do so, you can still access the adjust functionality from the Devices tab.

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