RedEye User Manual

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New to RedEye? Veteran user scratching your head and wondering how to make your system work just the way you want? You can find a lot of information within the RedEye application itself — just tap on the information icon when it appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This user manual has additional information that you might find helpful, but if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please try searching our support pages, or drop us a line — we want to make sure your RedEye experience is an enjoyable one.


A. Overview and Introduction

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Opening the Box: Wi-Fi RedEye
  3. Opening the Box: RedEye Pro
  4. Opening the Box: RedEye mini

B. iOS Application

  1. Networking
  2. Main Setup and Preferences
  3. Find RedEye by IP Address
  4. RedEye Setup
  5. Adding a Room
  6. Room Setup
  7. Adding a Device
  8. Device Setup
  9. Adding a Command
  10. Command Setup
  11. Adding an Activity
  12. Activity Setup
  13. Activity Button Layout
  14. Editing Button Details
  15. Editing Image Details
  16. Editing Label Details
  17. Editing Slider Details
  18. Editing Camera Details
  19. Editing HTML Details
  20. Editing Text Field Details
  21. Room Guide Setup
  22. Rooms
  23. Activities
  24. Channel Guide
  25. Devices
  26. Commands

C. Browser Application

  1. Accessing the Browser Application
  2. Browser Control
  3. Kiosk Mode
  4. Browser Settings
  5. Wi-Fi Networking
  6. LAN Networking
  7. Browser Maintenance
  8. Editing a Room
  9. Room Setup
  10. Device Setup
  11. Activity Setup
  12. Editing Activity Layouts
  13. Custom Variables

D. Android Application

  1. Dashboard and Navigation
  2. Setup and Preferences
  3. Find RedEye by IP Address
  4. Room Guide Setup
  5. Rooms
  6. Activities
  7. Devices
  8. Commands
  9. Channel Guide