Infrared Emitter Compatibility with rev2 RedEye WiFi and RedEye Pro

Not all infrared emitter cables are created equal. To work with RedEye, your emitter cable needs to be rated at 5V. Although some cables work at other voltages, 5V is by far the most common, so usually this requirement is not an issue.

The second consideration is polarity. Each emitter cable uses an LED to transmit the infrared signal. LEDs only work when current is flowing in one direction, so the polarity of the connection matters. For both RedEye and RedEye Pro, the emitter plug tip is connected to VCC, and the ring is connected to ground. Again, this is the most common configuration.

There is one final consideration which affects RedEye Pro more than the WiFi RedEye, and that is the spacing of conductors and insulators along the length of the 3.5mm plug. Although the Japanese standards body JEITA defines these dimensions precisely, not all plugs and jacks are manufactured according to these standards. WiFi RedEye uses a mono jack, which has only one conductor in addition to ground, so most emitters work fine here. However, RedEye Pro uses a stereo jack, which has two conductors in addition to ground — the second (middle) conductor being used when a RedEye Pro port is set to operate as a contact closure sensor. In some cases, mating plug dimension differences cause the conductors to misalign, therefore rendering the emitter cable non-functional.

The following table shows compatibility with RedEye and RedEye Pro across many of the major brands of emitter cables. We will continue to update this table as we conduct more tests.

Brand Model Compatibility:
RedEye Pro
RedEye WiFi (gen2)
Buffalo IR-E1 Yes Yes
CablesToGo 40433 Yes Yes
Calrad 92-152-2 Yes Yes
Channel Vision IR-3002 Yes Yes
Cmple 1143-N Yes Yes
Episode (SnapAV) IRF-1 Yes Yes
Knoll Systems IR34a Yes Yes
Next Generation All No No
Niles MF1VF Yes Yes
RTI Virsa Mouse Yes Yes
Smarthome n/a Yes Yes
Xantech 283D Yes Yes
Xantech 283DMW Yes Yes
Xantech 286D No Yes

In addition, we have confirmed compatibility with the following connecting blocks. These can be used in sequence or singly:

Xantech 78944

Xantech CB12

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