Finding RedEye Network Addresses with a Windows PC

RedEye software uses Apple’s Bonjour technology (also call ZeroConf or mDNS) to for network discovery. From a computer that has Bonjour installed (which is all Mac OS PCs, many Linux PCs, and also some Windows PCs with iTunes installed), you can find RedEye units on your network using a Bonjour URL: “http://redeye_[yourserialnumber].local”, replacing [yourserialnumber] with the serial number printed on the bottom of your unit (for example, A0101-12345).

If Bonjour is not installed on your computer or the Bonjour URL is not working for some reason, then you can enter the IP address of your RedEye unit into the browser address bar. The trick is finding that address. Here are some options:

  • On a Mac, run Bonjour Browser
  • On an iOS device, run Flame
  • On a Windows machine, use our new RedEye Finder application: (English) (Portuguese)

When you run the application for the first time you’ll be asked for permission to run an application downloaded from the Internet. Click “Run.”

Windows Firewall may also initially block network access in the application. You’ll need this in order to discover RedEye hardware on the network, so choose “Unblock” at this prompt.

When the application opens it will begin scanning for the RedEye hardware on the current network. If you are looking for a unit on the RedEye network, be sure that your computer’s wireless card is joined to the RedEye Ad Hoc network.

After RedEye hardware is discovered it will be listed by room name. click the ‘+’ next to the room name to expand the details. here you’ll see the hardware type, serial number, IP address, LAN MAC address (if applicable), Wi-Fi MAC Address, and firmware version.

With hardware selected you’ll have three options at the bottom of the screen: Control, Setup, and Emergency. Clicking “Control” will open up the RedEye home page in your default web browser. Selecting “Setup” will take you to the browser setup page in your browser. Finally, “Emergency” will take you to a simple browser page with options to backup data, download database, and factory reset. This page is more likely to be used if you are working with our support team to resolve an issue.