Controlling Apple Devices With RedEye

RedEye and RedEye mini can easily control your Apple devices with IR capabilities using codes from our database. When adding an Apple device, please select the manufacturer Apple and the correct device type from the following: Digital Video Recorder, MP3 Player, Streaming Media Player, Streaming Audio Player, Streaming Video Player, Personal Computer, or Other. If you have an Apple TV and are having trouble, please ensure that you use the device type Streaming Media Player. If you would like to control Plex (XMBC), you would need to select the device type Other, as the code set under that listing applies to Plex/XMBC control.

If you find that your Apple device does not respond to codes from the database, it is likely because you currently have another remote paired with that device, such as the Apple Remote. Because only one remote can be paired with an Apple device at a time, this would prevent RedEye from properly controlling that device . If you find that you can’t control your Apple device with RedEye, you’ll need to unpair your other remote from that device. Instructions for unpairing your Apple Remote from your Apple TV are found on Apple’s Support website here. For unpair instructions regarding other Apple devices, please see the list of remote pairing support documents here.