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About ThinkFlood

We love technology. Yeah, that’s a little geeky. But we think that deep down, everyone loves technology — or would, if it wasn’t so darn frustrating sometimes. And that’s really the issue: technology is great, but sometimes it is just so unreliable and hard to use. Our mission is to help other people love technology as we do by making it not only useful, but also easy to use.

Back in the 80’s, Alan Kay — father of object-oriented programming and the graphical user interface — proclaimed, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” We agree. That’s why we make hardware products — so that we can own the entire interface. It’s the only way to really make things easy to use. It’s also why we started making iPhone accessories — we see these same values at work in Apple products, and couldn’t resist.

It isn’t easy to make things easy to use, and so we may not always get it right from the beginning. We welcome your suggestions on how to make things better. Try our products. Participate in our beta tests. And please let us know what you think. Thanks.

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