Android universal remote control redeye

Android Universal Remote Control for Android tablets and phones

Turning your Android phone into an IR universal remote control is easy with RedEye. With a RedEye unit on your home network, you can control most any device with an infrared receiver, such as your TV, BluRay player, cable box, or surround sound system. Our online database keeps you up-to-date with codes so you do not have to worry about future compatibility.

Once you have installed RedEye hardware and have the RedEye application running on your phone, you have a complete Android universal remote control. You can stop juggling remotes to change the volume on your home theater system, switch video inputs on your TV, and change channels on your cable box. RedEye does the work for you, and makes it simple to control everything using the Android phone in your pocket.

Customizable Android Universal Remote

You probably love your Android phone because you can make it do just about anything. And that is what is great about RedEye, too. You have complete control over your equipment, but you also have complete control over how RedEye looks and works. You can skin it with custom graphics and backgrounds, move buttons just where you want them, set up favorite channels in our built-in TV program guide. No other remote control system gives you this level of customization.

Next generation capability

RedEye adds infrared control to your Android phone, which means you can control virtually any home theater. But RedEye is also the first universal remote control on the market to provide networked control of your equipment, as well. Networked control is the future of universal remotes, because it gives you the advanced functionality you expect as an Android owner, such as the ability to display cover art and channel icons. RedEye makes installing network control modules as easy as downloading infrared codes, so you don’t have to be a programmer or switch between separate applications to get advanced control.

Something for everyone

RedEye lives on your network. That means you can connect to it from many different places — all at once, if you want. Control RedEye from your Android tablet or phone, or from your PC. If someone in your house has an iOS device, you can even use it as an iPhone remote control. Unlike other remote controls, RedEye is designed to be accessible from all of these places, and you don’t have to pay licensing fees or manually transfer configurations between devices to make it work. Previously this level of personalization was only available from custom control solutions costing thousands of dollars. RedEye is the only consumer-grade, affordable, multi-controller system. No need to wait for the future to arrive — you can buy a RedEye today.